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5.8 GHz ISM Band 360 Degree Ceiling Mount Occupancy Microwave Motion Sensor Switch Detection Range 2-16m

Short Description:

1. Product Model: ZS-022
2. Detection Range:16m max
3. Detection angle: 360 degree
4. Ambient Light: 10-2000 LUX (Adjustable)
5. Voltage: 110-240 VAC

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The product is a new saving-energy switch; it adopts microwave sensor mould with high-frequency electro-magnetic wave (5.8GHz), integrated circuit. It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practicality functions. The wide detection field is consisting of detectors.

It works by receiving human motion. When one enters the detection field, it can start the load at once and identify automatically day and night. Its installation is very convenient and its using is very wide. Detection is possible through doors, panes of glass or thin walls.

1.Wide applications
Working by detecting human motion infrared rays, the ceiling mount occupancy sensor can be used in garage, hallway, basement, stairway, kitchen, cloakroom, loft…Indoor use, please install the occupancy sensor in a spot protected from direct sun and any rain.

2. Automatic turn on / turn off
it is a new saving-energy switch,it adopts good sensitivity detector,,integrated gathers automatism , covenient safe,saving-energy and practical utilizes the infrared energy from humans as a control-signal source, it can start the load at once when one enters detection field,it can identify day and night automatically.

3. Supply different light sensor value: < 10lux

4. Time-delay adjustable
8 Sec~12 Min, sure, there is a time-delay need by your require. there is a delay setting function by yourself adjustment.

5. Detection range
detection angle 360 degree and high-sensitivity ceiling motion sensor switch with 6 meters max detection distance.


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    Rated load

    600W(100-130VAC)1200W (220-240VAC)

    Rated Frequency


    HF System

    5.8Hz(CW wave; ISM band)

    Transmit power


    Work temp


    Working Humidity

    <93% RH

    Power consumption

    0.5Wstatic 0.1W

    Ambient light

     10-2000 LUX(adjustable)


    Min:10+/-3s, max:12+/-1min(adjustable)

    Installing Height


     Detection Motion Speed


    Detection Range(dia)

    2-16m max(adjustable)
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