About Ceramic Factory

Jing Dezhen Ceramic Manufacture

Chiswear’s BUYI CERAMICS FACTORY is a specializes in craftwork of ceramics manufacturer. Located in Jingdezhen ,Jiangxi Province, Which is known as the Porcelain Capital of China, has a long history and a magnificent culture from antique traditional town. We have product ceramic flower pot, ceramic washbasin, decorative ornaments & Sculpture, ceramic vase, ceramic home décor accessories, candle holders, tableware These products have a variety of different styles, there are European-style minimalist, Nordic style, American, Italian and other mainstream market. you can choose the best that you like. 

Our Quality Control

Our factory dedicates to strict quality pass different craft-workshop process flow include hand-painted, color-glazed, decal printing, PAD printing, Decoration Firing, etc., for improve succeed probation of finished product, and quality check with at least 8 times to all the of craft-flow part again also it is maximized use resource. for instance, mold inspection, embryo checking, glazing inspection, decal inspection, plain checking, decorating firing inspection, packing inspection, Imitating third party inspection

Our Process Feature

1. Roller Forming
porcelain embryos are manually throwing on a rotating wheel to different shape and size.

2. Refine Trimming
According to the required device type, the rough embryo is cut, trimmed and polish with a cutter.

3. Hand-Drawing
Drawing on the embryo, then there will be different pictures on the porcelain.

4. Firing into Kiln
Put the draw porcelain embryo into the kiln, high-temperature calcination. Our product need finished by first put into the kiln (1150-1280℃) and second put into kiln (800℃).

Furthermore, our factory is complete set of advanced ceramics production lines and supporting facilities, by at present total automatic 4 line and within which more than 40 technicians, have 250 workers and owes 2 kilns burning lots of ceramic Homeware, with daily output of high-quality catering ceramics capacity about 40000pcs. These products can pass SGS, BSCI and SEDX, CA prop 65, lead and cadmium free, etc.

Our products well in more 100 countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, USA, Australia, South America and Middle East. And with cooperation brand Walmart, Costco, Big W and Wiko.