About Furniture Factory

Chiswear' Furniture and Homeware Furnishings Manufacture

Chiswear' furniture and homeware furnishings manufacture is located in their respective shanghai Songjiang area and Zhejiang Huzhou Changxing county, China. our professional run-in main product categories including household consume decorative product and home sanitary product since the being 2003 years.

Our Huzhou Changxing factory own self manufacturing research and Development team to dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality home sanitary. now has a processing area spanning 15000 squares, and over 100 skilled employees are familiar with CE & RoHS audit requirements and aware of REACH regulation & FSC requirements, which can make our products easily enter the target market.

chiswear furniture

Changxing Furniture factory main producing range including bathroom, kitchen and living room cabinets, which includes plywood bathroom vanity cabinet, MDF vanity cabinet, PB material vanity cabinet, solid wood vanity cabinet, mirrored melamine cabinet, wardrobe and TV stand wooden furniture, and positive offer one-stop procurement Service solutions for soft decoration and upholstered furniture.

Shanghai Songjiang AnJiRenKang Manufacture

Our Shanghai Songjiang AnJiRenKang factory own dependent design team for personalized Nordic minimalist customer' Requirement. Which is professional producing home decoration product, to made from Oak wood or imported birch base material, Shell is birch core bent plywood. Such as ginkgo chair, shell chair, frame chair, pillow sofa, sketch sofa, cube sofa, and high gloss & veneer type tables and cabinets etc. we are committed to providing a healthy, comfortable and environment-friendly home living space for the family worldwide. Sure, Special designs can be made upon customers' requests. We give high flexibility to meet customers' wants and needs.

Our factory has Each in-line production facilities cover 13,000 square meters and allow us to supply large quantities of goods, therefore guaranteeing fast and on-time deliveries. We are familiar with BSCI & SMETA audit requirements and strict to ISO 9001 international regulation & requirements. By far now employs 572 people, 167 managers, including 28 design developers.


Our Comparative Advantage

1. Manufacturer Develop Capacity and flexibility Supplying Special Product

We have a large-scale and professional processing and production base, an efficient enterprise management platform, a strong research and development organization and a sales network that covers major international markets.


2.Autmotic Production Lines

We have advanced technological equipment to sure guarantee good quality, and stick to ISO 9001 manufacturing system. and our automatic product lines including cutting machine, CNC drilling machine & CNC engraving machine, sewing machine, auto-spraying machine, auto-polishing machine, automatic sanding and automatic PVC drying machine to fulfill the production.


3.Providng One-stop Solution Service

To better support wide customer need and fine special designs can be made on customer requires, our can provide perfect suit set of furniture and furnishing decorative service solution. naturally give full play to the advantages of vertical integration of Shanghai Songjiang furniture factory and Zhejiang Huzhou bathroom furniture factory, and will take win-win combine manufacture resources processing kinds of product meet what customer ‘wish and needs from overall the world.

Our Main Process Craft

furniture factory processing craft

Our finished product main need 11 step by craft-process
1. Fine Raw Material
2. Automatic Cutting
3. Automatic Drilling
4. Automatic Sanding

5. Automatic Painting
6. Automatic Spraying and Polishing
7. Automatic Wrapping
8. Automatic Packing
9. Final Assembly
10.Finished Goods Inspecting
11. Storage & Packaging