Optional OEM/ODM Led Light Socket with Motion Sensor, Socket Wall Outlet with Night Light

Short Description:

1. Product Model: M-014
2. Input Voltage: 220VDC
3. PIR Sensing Distance:3-5M
4. Material: Plastic
5. Working time:50000h
6. Power Consumption:0.6W

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PlR & Photo Sensor
Optional additional color coated
Ultra-Thin Design:only 29mm thick

Auto Activated Motion Sensor
Light sensor automatically turns the light on in dark and off when there is IIgnt.
PIR motion sensor when it has monitored the human body move area, and while Trigger and turn on the light at now.and automatically when objects leave the monitored area after delay the 40s turn off the light.

Human Body Motion Sensor
Ideal widely applicable range,includes bedroom,stairs, corner,corridor Kitchen, etc.
The groud with refleaxtion soft light, with no dazzing bring to human eyes.
Quality warranty: 2 years
when objects leave the monitoredarea after delay the 40-60s turn off the light.
Delay Time:30-50s

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  • Product Name: Indoor Wall Outlet Night Lamp with motion sensor
    Product Size: 86*86*29mm
    Work Timehours: 50000 hours
    LED Power: 0.6W
    Led Color: White light/Warm light
    Input Voltage: 220V
    Install Hole Distance: about 60mm
    Detector Angle: 120 degree
    Detection Distance: 3-5M
    Sensing: PIR+photo sesor
    Light Intensity: 10-30Lux
    Delay Time: 40-60s
    Life Application: Stairs/Corridor
    Warranty(Year):  2-years