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Long-join Overseas Exhibition Development

Post time: May-15-2020
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Target: To Sell Light Control Products to International Lamps and Daily Household Items for Ordinary Residents.

We had 14 years of experience in selling products overseas, it has won cooperation from many well-known brands. Philips, Cree Lighting, General Electric Lighting, Eaton Cooper and HOMEPOT have cooperated in processing and selling light controller products. After years of hard work and development, our light controller products have gained approximately 70% of the North American market share. Chiswear and long-Join join hands to participate in overseas expansion meetings, Shanghai World Expo Trade Center Association Pavilion, Hungary and Slovenia Science and Technology Museum Exhibition, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Hong Kong Spring Lighting Exhibition, Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition.

Key exhibition requirements

2019.10 Hongkong International Lighting Fair(Autumn edition)


2019.04 Hongkong Lighting Fair(Spring edition)

Spring Edition

2019.08 Hungary, Slovenia Science and Technology Exhibition

Europe country

2019.06 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition(GILE)

GILE Exhibitoin

2010.05 Shanghai World Expo Trade Center Association Pavilion(WTCA)

shanghai expo

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  • Post time: May-15-2020