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Shanghai Chiswear Industrial Co., Ltd. specialises in the field of street lighting accessories. Our master business including street light controllers, motion infrared sensors, infrared sensors, NEMA light controller socket enclosures, and zhaga controllers. We are actively working with Shanghai Long-join Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly expand our overseas market.

Our Features
We have over 20 years of experience in the field of foreign trade export services and have been a reliable export service provider for many domestic companies. additionally, Our aim is to expand our sales to overseas markets including the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Russia, Philippines, Brazil, Australia and more.

In the field of street lighting accessories and light control lighting, we have a team with more than 5 years of experience in foreign trade. We can provide you with solutions for lighting control and lighting accessories.


In September 2023, Long-join brand and Chiswear company joined hands to participate in the Russia Moscow exhibition. This exhibition showcased three typical product categories: wired light controllers, screw-in light controllers, and future intelligent IoT controller accessories.

1- Wire type light controllers, including JL-103A, JL-104A, JL-108A, JL-428C, and JL-401CR.
2-Twist lock photocell controllers: JL-205C, JL-208, and JL-207 series.
3-Future intelligent IoT controller accessories: JL-241J (light control base) YS800076, JL-700, JL-701J, etc.

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We have more than 80 employees and a manufacturing area of more than 2500 square meters. Our factories have advanced Led lighting production and testing equipment, automatic SMT machines. Constant temperature and humidity equipment.

And our production department is strictly followed a quality control system. and our professional and experienced R&D team constantly renew machines and techniques to improve productivity and quality and provides strong technical support for clients' customized needs.

*Our overseas markets include the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Russia, the Philippines, Brazil, and Australia. below from reliable B2B platform Alibaba sale share point of view.

1. Average Annual Revenue: $500 Thousand - $1M.
2. Main Markets: North America 45.00% Western Europe 21.00% Northern Europe 5.00% Western Europe 21.00% South Asia 2.00%, Southeast Asia 2.00%, etc.

*Meanwhile, we design and make our products according to customers' specifications or requirements. for Example, lighting controller packaging box, strengthen built-in lux sensitivity from outside ambient lux value, give you a specific led deformable fan change your dark room.

*2017years Chiswer and Long-join win-win cooperation, keep long term strategy integrated to develop business on the world.

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Long Term Cooperation Suppliers with Chiswear

Shanghai Longjoin Intelligent Technology Co., is a Photo-controlled processing electronic technology product company that focuses on design, R&D, production and sales. It specializes in intelligent photocell control switches for indoor and outdoor lighting equipment, such as LED street lamps, fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps.

Our Achievements:

 Cooperating brands, Walmart, CREE, QSSI, HOME POT and HDS, etc.

 Compared with other suppliers, we provide superior cost performance and excellent after-sales service.

 Relevant certificates, UL, CUL, CE, RoHS, ANSI C136.4, ANSI C136.10, ANSI C136.41.

 With a strong scale of production, the annual output is 8.5 million pieces.

 13 years of export experience, major overseas sales market areas: Europe and North America; A few sales market areas such as Brazil, Mexico, India and other markets

Our products have the following characteristics:

1. Wide application range, supporting street lamps, garden lights, corridor lights, door lights and other lighting fixtures to track the automatic brightness control components of the ambient brightness level.

2. Obtain the internationally recognized electrical industry standard - UL773 standard.

3. Uniqueness, its internal PCB adopts automatic detection of ambient brightness level, or adopts DALI protocol digital transmission for remote control technology, and specifically controls industrial or civil control devices of controlled lamp switching state.

4. Core advantages, we have a core design, research and development technical team, in strict accordance with the requirements of international standards for design and production.