• Showcase Lighting:Top Multi-light Source Accent Lighting

    For LEDs, currently the most common is the alcove-style showcase with multi-point accent lighting on the top. One light is enough. Due to the optional beam angle and color temperature, the light projection effect is very good. For gene...
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  • JL-204C NEMA Interface Twist-lock Photocontroller

    JL-204C NEMA Interface Twist-lock Photocontroller

    Product Introduction JL-204C twist-lock analog electronic light control switch is applicable to independently control street lighting, garden lighting, passage lighting, porch lighting and park lighting according to the ambient natural light level. The product adopts an electronic design with a ...
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  • Showcase Lighting: Fiber Optic Lighting

    Today, showcases have become an important form of display in museums, art galleries and various exhibitions. In these showcases, lighting is one of the essential elements. Appropriate lighting schemes can better highlight the characteristics of the exhibits, modify the e...
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  • Showcase Lighting:Top Accent Lighting

    Showcase Lighting:Top Accent Lighting

    This is also a commonly used method in the early days, that is, to place a halogen lamp on the top with a piece of glass in the middle to illuminate the exhibits through the glass.   The glass separates the exhibits from the lighting, realizing the separation of lig...
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  • Explore the Lighting Solutions of 2023 Shanghai International Jewelry Fair

    As the jewelry industry continues to grow and evolve, jewelry fairs have become popular venues for buyers and sellers to meet, network and showcase their latest products. Among these shows, Shanghai International Jewelry Fair (SJF) becomes one of the largest and most imp...
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  • JL-202 Twist-lock Thermal Control type Photocontrol Series

    JL-202 Twist-lock Thermal Control type Photocontrol Series

    Product introduction JL-202 twist-lock thermal optical switch series products are suitable for controlling street lighting and passage lighting independently according to the ambient lighting level. The product is based on the thermal bimetal structure design, and can provide a delay control fun...
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