Main Products: Photocell Control, Smart Photocell Swtich, Photocell Receptacle, zhaga sensor

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1. Customized product design, such as LOGO, packaging
2. Prices for large orders are negotiable
3. Provide highly reliable overseas logistics and transportation
4. Provide 24-hour after-sales service and professional consultation

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Shanghai Chiswear Industry Co., Ltd.
Add: NO.5895, GongHexin Road, Shanghai, China offers various styles and models of optical controller products. If you have more individual product needs, or local government project Product to test required. Please fill in the form below for more information to get more feedback, we'll contact you in time.

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Shanghai Long-join Intelligent Technology co., LTD. was founded in 2003...


Target: To Sell Light Control Products to International Lamps and Daily Household Items for Ordinary Residents. We had 14 years of experience...

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