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1. Shanghai Chiswear Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of furniture and furniture homeware goods for more than 20 years.

2.To adapt to the company's comprehensive home furnishing competitiveness, we continue to innovate business models and create a co-brand strategy for mutual benefit and win-win results. To better support multi-brand channels and give full play to the advantages of vertical integration, the company will take a global perspective, efficiently integrate industrial resources, and achieve the significant development of the enterprise. Co-brands include Arttangent and its manufacturing plant Buyi Factory, which are in high-end and exquisite home accessories. It will jointly launch world-class quality art works and IP authorized products to create and spread aesthetic culture.

3. Chiswear furniture & home furnishings has 3 factories which are mainly producing kinds of Chairs&tables and solid wood furniture, ceramics type homeware decoration, home decorative lighting, including there recommend famous ginkgo chair, shell chair, ceramic vase, Candle Holders&fragrance,ornaments&Sculpture, and decorative bowls.

4. Each product has been certified by SGS, ISO9001, CE, ROSH, FSC and national standards. They are both environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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