Main Products: Photocell Control, Smart Photocell Swtich, Photocell Receptacle, zhaga sensor

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13 years of export experience, major overseas sales market areas: Europe and North America; A few sales market areas such as Brazil, Mexico, India and other markets.


Shanghai Chiswear Industrial Co., Ltd. cooperates with Shanghai Longjoin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in the production and sales of outdoor street light intelligent controllers, NEMA 7-wire twist-lock sockets and EU-approved Zhaga Book18 standard sockets. Industrial and trade integration and cooperation, distinguishing other factories from the ability to export goods.
1. Strong foreign trade export service capability, achieving a total export value of US$19 million in 2018.
2. Customized on demand, support OEM / ODM one-stop service design.
3. Send samples to verify, and quickly respond to the processing and production plan.
4. The “factory + foreign trade export” professional development model, strong alliance, to play their respective advantages, and strive to meet the orders of different countries from all over the world.

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