A various of Photocell Cover for Smart Wireless Light Controller

photocontrol cover1

>> Get your custom One-stop delightful design service. sure, we can provide to help you additional valued service items below.

1. It is not only one of the smart city lighting projects, but also one of the most used smart street lamp controller system accessories.

2. Advanced street light intelligent controllers and multi-function modules development need to be equipped with a base and cover.

3. You Can Custom Photocell Cover Color and Height Sizes.

4. According to Your Requirement Custom Photo controller with Lens Window.


>> Sizes Diagram

photocontrol cover sizes

>> Photocontrol Cover Specification

Model YS800076
Height 56mm,76mm,98mm etc
Color there is red,blue, black transparent photocontroller cover and so on , But best quality supplier selected gray transparent and will compatible to insert yourself design & developed PCB controller.
Flammability Level UL94-V0
Top inner diameter 77 mm
Material PC/PP
Performance Advantage 1.resistant-heat, reachable 70℃.
2.Durable material and lightweight to easy install, and to resist flying objects impact.
3.constantly resistant acid rain corrosion, so increase luminaire usespan and decrease maintant cost.
with transparent lens windows Sure, we are according your require arrangement.
Certification CE,Ru,CE,RoHS


 >> Customize Content Section

There is a red, blue, black transparent photo controller cover and so on. therefore,  you can make a good purchase plan, to great meet the ambient light lux level of local requirement, to make the best dimming controller.

photocontrol cover sizes2




C,D-Black transparent



Sure, if you have a good creative idea, and want to break one’s regular controller function program, so you can require a different photocontrol cover diameter and height, to obtain the most advanced smart controller and multi-function module design.
photocontrol cover sizes3

One-stop Customized different heights, colors, and transparent.
photocontrol cover sizes4

Single-layer photocontrol cover design, a regular feature.
Double-layer photocontrol cover design, improve resistant-heat, reachable 70℃,
and more resistant acid rain corrosion, so increase luminaire use-life and decrease maintain cost.

photocontrol cover sizes5

May Everything is Impossible.

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Post time: Mar-08-2021