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Inspect 104A and 104B Photocell Switch Report

Post time: May-18-2020
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Please kindly find the attachment about LJ PSI report,please check.

Special Attention Points:

4.1 Master Carton dimension and Qty per Master Carton Need to confirm.

6.2Light source Threshold for On/Off  test Fail,need to confirm measured value.

6.3 Light source Response need to confirm measured value .

XXXX Respond email: Test report

Please confirm and reply the following questions as soon as possible, thank you

Test Content

Light source Threshold I would like some input from the vendor. It is not in accordance with their stated specification nor our previously observed testing which set these benchmarks. Did the delay response effect our method and recorded results?

4.1 Master Carton is ok but lets get the correct values so we can include for future inspection.


JL-104 Photocell Test parameter

Specification parameter

chiswear techinal data

6.2 light source Threshold for on/off: measure Using condition parameter indicator at 75cm distance.


6.3 light source response time: Measure time for on/off and off/on cycles

 chiswear delay test

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  • Post time: May-18-2020