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Photocell light switch uses Light-Dependent-Resistors to automatically turn the lights on and off at dusk and dawn. They operate by detecting light intensity.

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Have your street lights ever made you curious about how they always know with such precision when to turn on when to go off? How they are so aligned with sunrise and sunset even when the times for dawn and dusk are undergoing subtle changes? This is because of photocells; the outdoor lights equipped with a sophisticated mechanism, using light as a stimulus. Let’s explore in detail what these are, how they work, and what are the benefits associated with using them in parking lots and streets.

What is a Photocell Light Switch and How It Works?

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he photocell, also known by the name of LDR i.e. Light Dependent Resistor is an automatic unit which turns on the light and turns it off using the sunlight as a stimulant. It turns on when it starts getting dark and turns off at the dusk without any manual operation required.

This switch is made with an LDR. The resistance value of this Light Dependent Resistor or semiconductor is directly proportional to the intensity of light. When the light intensity decreases, the resistance of the switch decreases which allows current to flow and the light are turned on. this is what happens at dusk.


As the light intensity starts increasing the resistance of the LDR also increases and hence it stops the flow of current. This results in switching off of the light automatically. This happens exactly at the dawn. Hence a photocell light switch is also known by the name of dawn to dusk light.

Why Use Photocell Light Switches?

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The photocell light switches were around for many years but their use has dramatically soared lately due to many reasons. This is because these automated units offer considerable advantages. Here are just a few to mention;

  • The photocells light switches are great for the planet because these are using a renewable source of energy for their operation i.e. sunlight. Hence, with increased awareness about usefulness of renewable energy, the use of these lights has also seen an unprecedented increase.
  • Moreover, the advanced system in these lights can align itself with the changes in the times of sunrise and sunset. This means more efficient energy conservation. This is because the lights switch off the moment sunlight starts spreading and they don’t turn on until it starts getting dark. The fact that they do not require a manual operation means more energy will be conserved. This is a huge benefit as more and more societies around the globe consider switching to more energy efficient means. It is because of the advent of these energy efficient means like photocell lights that the energy consumption in USA today is the same as it was about 20 years ago.
  • The automatic sensors spare you of the hassle of manually switching the light on and off. Hence, minimal supervision is needed.
  • These lights require very low maintenance. Besides, the set up cost is also very negligible. Therefore, these are not just light on the planet but also on your pocket.

Where Can You Use Photocell Lights?

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Although, these photocell light switches can be used both indoors and outdoors, their more common use is seen in the outdoor venues. For example, one of the most common uses of photocell lamps is in the street lights. This is because they are very efficient in detecting natural light’s intensity and can hence turn on and off timely.

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Besides, these are also used in parking areas. Moreover, huge industries also use these lamps in their outdoor areas to improve energy efficiency and reduce the need for manual intervention. A photocell light switch can be used in multiple venues owing to its high functionality and power conservation.

Why Prefer the Long-Join Photocell Switches?

We, at the Long-Join Intelligent Technology INC, are committed to providing our customers with the photocell light switches which use the top notch technology.

The technology used in our photocell switches ensures highest possible efficiency. Forget about the dwindling lights in parking lots and streets. This happens when the lamps use too sensitive sensors. At Long-Join, our photocell switches are neither too sensitive to start dwindling with the minutest changes in light intensity, nor too irresponsive to delay they turning on process until it is too dark.
Our photocell light switches are very cost effective. We are offering competitive prices and yet the highest quality. So, you get the best value for your money。
The material used in a Long-Join photocell light switch is such that it requires minimal maintenance and ensures considerable longevity.
Our photocell kits are easy to install.

Final Verdict

The energy efficient photocell light switches are a great way of saving energy. While at the same time these are also a much affordable option. These lights use such Light Dependent Resistors,  whose resistance is affected by the changing intensity of natural light. These automated units make sure, the lights turn on as it starts getting dark and they turn off automatically as it starts getting brighter At Long-Join we use state of the art technology which ensures that you get the highest performance in the lowest possible cost. This encompasses providing a stable light with low maintenance cost and very little installation cost.

Post time: Sep-30-2023