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Do what a responsible country do

Post time: Feb-17-2020
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Do what a responsible country do

In the face of some rumors and disinformation on the internet about the outbreak  of the novel coronavirus, as a Chinese foreign trade enterprise, I need to explain to my customers here. The origin of the outbreak is in Wuhan City, because of eating wild animals, so here also reminds you not to eat wild animals, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. It is only a single factor, and the source of the infection is unknown by now. Please not worry! We do medical health measure and protected myself at fist times.

Don’t make rumors, don’t spread disinformation, steadily keep get cool-head thinking.

Our Take Protective Measure

Prevented allow the outbreak to develop further, So our stringent preventive and control measure.

1. All be working vehicles in Wuhan city are in a state of decommissioned, and rare control measures, 10 million people are closed!

2. The Spring Festival holiday, everyone is advised not to go out and stay at home,reduce visited relatives.

3. Advised people across the country without special needs, do not gather and reduce crowd gathering, so all parties stopped….

4. The major news media promote personal hygiene, such as wearing a face mask, washing hands frequently, ventilating more, and contacted crowd gathering less. This is the country’s biggest contribution.


Long-join Factory Prevention Measure Highlights

>>>>>>>Daily temperature monitoring before working

temperature test2

>>>>>Public areas are disinfected twice a day(public area: canteen, lavatory, passageway, corrido and so on)


World Health Organization Published Advised

This is a responsible China, all infected patients can enjoy the free treatment, no worries. What’s more, the whole country has recruited more than 6000 medical personnel to Wuhan City for medical assistance, So don’t worry about China being placed in a global health emergency (PHEIC), as a responsible country, must not allow the outbreak to spread to places that do not have the capacity to control the outbreak, and a temporary warning is also a responsible approach to the global people.




In the case of the China outbreak, the WHO opposes any restrictions on travel and trade with China, and considers a letter or a package from China to be safe. We are fully confident of winning the fight against the outbreak. We also believe that governments and market players at all stages of the global supply chain will provide greater trade facilitation for goods, services, and imports from China


Our cooperation will continue, and if you are concerned about the risks associated with the transportation of goods, I assure you that our products will be fully disinfected in factories and warehouses, and that the goods will take a long time in transit and that the virus will not survive, which you can follow the official response of the World Health Organization.


we will continue to improve the quality of our products so that our products on the world stage! Wuhan come on!, china come on!

China develop without the world, and the work develop without china.

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  • Post time: Feb-17-2020