Long-join Brand Shorting Cap and Street Light Photocell

All of the clients known how to use this cap on the street light and needs a benefit conditional place on the light fixture to increase use-span. However, a few of poor levels of professional customers are confused by these two LED lamp lantern fixture gasket accessories shorting cap vs photocell for LED parking lot light, so I would like to explain it for the customer to understand their differences fully.


What does a shorting cap do?

Photocell Shorting cap is also called receptacle by some customer, other some people called it rain cap / raintight cap, black cap. a cap part assembled on top of the dimming power driver box on LED parking lot fixtures, which is used to connect the power between the line and load all the time.

parameter information

If you remove the shorting cap from the LED shoebox light, then it to create a break-circuit effect on street lighting at night, and the LED light cannot light up, as it seems to play a role in turn on/off the power.

Besides, if you forget to mount the protective cap (waterproof, pro-dusty), the rainwater would follow into the driver’s box and cause the fixture non-waterproof or failed.

Some customer might install it unproperly as well and come to conclusion that the light are defective when received the goods.

So how do I know the shorting cap is installed correctly?

Only 3 steps perfectly mounted.

One step, Point north direction. Keep the north direction mark of the NEMA Receptacle and the north direction of the twist-lock cap housing at the same horizontal position.

Second step, clockwise lock and Push into socket hole position.

Third step, you carefully hear the next step bring rigid sound. You need to twist lock and hear a sound of “ka”, which indicates that it is installed properly.

clockwise twist photocontrol

Why leaving a top shorting cap there if there is no additional function?

Well, because in some certain cases, people might consider to add a photocell sensor to the LED shoebox light fixture for a daylight harvesting control / photocontrol.

With a shorting cap there, it is convenient for clients to remove the shorting cap, just screw it out and buy a photocell sensor and replace it.


If there is no shorting cap there, you need to drill a hole at the driver’s box, and it is not easy and time-cost. pls, you are prepared for a light shoe box and with drilled a hole on it.

But last Most importantly, if you are an unprofessional electronic engineer or an interesting designer, as an ordinary consumer be used take it to applicate in the landscape lighting fixture. you might weaken the fixture’s waterproof, and you cannot ask for the manufacturer’s warranty.

how to distinguish shorting cap vs photocell?

1. from the appearance can draw important conclusion-product parameter.

The top surface of Shorting cap explained itself, with it name, work voltage 0-480VAC.

Other some street light photocell with work voltage 100-277VC, and application in high voltage condition environment work voltage 208-480 VAC.

chiswear shorting cap

2. from sell photocell shorting cap kinds on the international market reliable unique shape craft information.

Top one, from brand TE connectivity platform.

TE shorting cap

Second, from brand retail Home Depot

Tork shorting cap

Third, it is a popular sell product in the North American countries, meanwhile, our items are a very important role in the south American region.

IP54 shorting cap    IP65shorting cap    IP66 rain cap / raintight cap


Last, a little-known platform listed photocell cap, but its function to replace NEMA socket photocell, and to connect the power between the line and load, or make a lanterns operate.

other shortign cap

This is our photocell shorting cap video from youtube.com


Post time: Sep-24-2021