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Longjoin Intelligent Announced That It Has Officially Joined The Zhaga International Alliance

Post time: Nov-26-2019
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Recently, Shanghai Longjoin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Longjoin Intelligent ) announced that it has officially joined the Zhaga International Alliance and became one of its full members.


As a global lighting industry organization, the Zhaga International Alliance aims to achieve interchangeability of LED light sources produced by different manufacturers and accelerate the adoption of LED lighting solutions in the market. The establishment of the alliance is to achieve the interchangeability of LED light sources to avoid market differentiation due to the incompatibility of products that are not compatible with each other, thus benefiting consumers and light engine purchasers.

Zhaga specification is the interchangeability of LED products, which provides effective guarantee for general lighting and commercial use. With the development of LED technology, it can gradually improve the performance of its LED products, thus promoting the continuous innovation and development of LED lighting. Orderly competition.

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  • Post time: Nov-26-2019