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Longjoin Provide One-site Service for Our Customer

Post time: Apr-14-2020
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Longjoin Provide One-site Service for Our Customer

Longjoin can do customization, processing and sales of light controllers, light controller sockets and light controller


At the same time, we can process our products to meet specific specifications, appearance, voltage parameters and light intensity, and adjust the delay time limit according to customer customization requirements and one-stop service.


1. OEM/ODM Design Service

If the user provides a design drawing of the light controller product, it can be verified by our technical design engineer to further determine the correctness of the draft.

For instance, NEMA 7 P Receptacle drawing diagram.

7p receptacle drawing diagram01               7p receptacle drawing diagram02

1.1                                                                                                                               1.2


2. Paid or Free Sample Service

If you approve the quality of the light controller products provided by our website, you can click on the contact page of the website to send emails, mobile phones and WhatsApp Web chat. Of course, you need to provide paid sample delivery service. We calculate the relevant costs according to the export process of the goods, including the number and amount of the sent samples, the export cost of the goods CIF / FOB, export destination and delivery time, whether freight insurance is added. notify in advance. Similarly, if you want to send free sample service, contact your mailing information as soon as possible.


3.  Customization NEMA light Control Receptacle Accessories

The optical controller socket can provide a socket bracket, a connection cable with a custom plug, and even a waterproof gasket for the light controller. Support custom connector socket accessories, aluminum bracket, neoprene and bakelite composition waterproof gasket, connecting wire is changed to cable and measure the length of the connecting wire.       

3.1 fitting material: aluminum/ iron


3.2 fitting Material: aluminum


3.3 material: Galvanized iron


Other Available fit receptacle model


4. Custom Logo, Packaging Design

If you need brand logo design, we can also design according to your proposal; in addition, whether the outer packaging is specially customized design, still design according to your requirements. Note that the factory’s product packaging is a small white box, 100 boxes in one master carton.

4.1 white pacing box

white packing box

4.2 OEM design out-packaging / printing box

OEM design out-packaging

5. Custom on / off level design

This a rich personalized and more attractive design. we provide factory-made thermal-sensitive light controller and electronic light controller, most of the light controller products, set the lux level parameter on and off before leaving the factory. Nothing is impossible, if you want, we still set different lux according to your requirements.

Custom Series photocontrollers

cusom series photocontrol

Pls click relative link to get more product information

Hot online for sale photo control sensor ,207C, 217C, 215C, 103A,101A,208.

Custom series light controller,  217C,423C,207C,245C,246CG,245CN,403C,423C,428C.

Fit to photocell socket kits, 240XA,260D,260C,250T,230X, 200X.

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  • Post time: Apr-14-2020