Why Choose This Long-join Photocontrol Receptacle JL-240XA-14?

long join photocontrol receptacle

1. For more than 20 years, Shanghai Long-join Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on processing and manufacturing and intelligent street lighting controller accessories.

2. Long-join brand reached a long-term cooperative relationship with a famous foreign brand technical lighting solution provider. Such as Home-depot, Amazon, Selc Ireland Limited, CORADIR S.A. LLC, etc.

3. Compare with TE, Amazon, home-depot, more low price, more best quality, higher waterproof, and provide professional sell-after service. 4. Get the global EU zhaga book 18 certifications in 2019, and actively joined the zhaga alliance association. referable look for the website:www. zhagastandard.org/products.

5. There is a number of other country market certification qualifications. such as UL,CE,RoHS,CB,FCC, and zhaga boo18, etc.

6. We can recommend different enclosure heights, and other colors of enclosures to meet the height of the smart wireless street light controller PCB board.

7. Provide 24-hour after-sales professional consulting services to help you solve related product use and installation problems. Such as JL-241J base and PCB board installation, whether the color of the cover will affect the light control effect, and so on.

You can customize the NEMA series light controller accessories, and also customize the controller PCB panel. further, you can customize the zhaga series light controller accessories. Because we are an integrated company of industry and trade, we are dealing with overseas customized processing orders on time.


The data comes from the analysis result of the Long-join brand store Alibaba Online assurance Transaction: Preferred frequently purchased combination model: JL-240XA-14 & JL-241J & YS800076. (Customized street light wireless intelligent control accessories)



JL-241J, NEMA 7-pin Street light Photocontrol base

YS800076 PC Material Controller Cover

JL-240XA-14 NEMA Photoctrol Receptacle

long join brand partner

cover& base


long join

Get your Custom One-stop Design Service

1. Supports customizing a variety of functional phtocotrol receptacles,  it is applicable to different lamps and lantern lighting and other public area occupy, such as waterproof (IP54, IP65, IP67), rotating, wall-mounted, and so on.

2. Additional Exquisite custom socket parts requirements: custom wiring length, custom wiring male plug, custom socket special cable, custom socket nut, and so on.

3. Professional Custom Prongs type Includes 3 pin, 4 pins, 5 pins, 7 pins, etc

Schematic Diagram

240XA specification

Product Features

240Xa receptacle 1. Phonetic Socket & PBT Body.

2. Brass / Phosphor Bronze Contacts.

3.Waterproof Rubber Gaske.

4. DALI Control & 0-10V Dimming Wires.

5. NEMA Standard Interface Protocol
(ANSI C136.41).


 Product Specification

Model JL-240XA-14
Overall Size(mm) 63.8(Dia)*36.7
Rated Voltage 0-480VAC
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Loading AWG#14: 15Amp max. / AWG#16: 10Amp max.
Optional Signal Loading AWG#18: 30VDC, 0.25Amp max
Certification CB, CE, ANSI C136.10/ANSI C136.41
Leads Length 6” Min. (See Ordering Information)


Wiring Diagram

wiring diagram

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