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207C Feature and Upgrade Version 207C-HP

Post time: May-24-2020
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Differences and Similarities between 207C and 207CHP


Intersection Dot

1) Applicable for lighting venues such as corridor lights, street lights, landscape decoration lights, special parking lot shoe box lights, barn lights and refinery lights

2) According to ambient light Level intensity and automatically control the lighting of the lamps.

3) Photosensitive sensor type-supports CDS photocell, IR-filter photoreceptor, IR unfiltered-transistor. The conventional 207 series supports electronic photodiodes.

4) Waterproof performance, IP54.

5) Relay current, 10AMP.

6) Rated voltage: 120-277VAC.

7) Voltage tolerance range: 105-305VAC.

8) Rated load: 1000W Tungsten; 1800VA Ballast

9) Support custom shell colors, conventional styles-blue, gray, black, green, etc.

10) Photocell Shell material, Anti UV PC.



Standard type: 207C

1) waterproof performance, IP54

2) Sensor type, photodiode.

3) Power consumption: 0.5W

Custom type: 207CHP

1) Support custom IP65, IP66, IP67.

2) Support customized sensor types: infrared visible light sensor, IR unfiltered-transistor;

3) Support custom lux size, and then assist in controlling the lighting time of lamps.

4) The power consumption is 0.9W, and it can load more other LED lamp electronic products than ordinary 207C light controller.

5) Relay Options, 20AMP.

6) Zero-cross protection. When turned on, it stabilizes the instantaneous current fluctuation of the lamp.


Other 207 series light controller products.

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  • Post time: May-24-2020