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Unique Performance Long-Join Intelligent Street light Controller

Post time: Apr-22-2020
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The case of Long-join intelligent street lighting controller successfully realized the traditional renovation project of street lighting in urban roads and technology industrial parks. Not only include China’s Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other regions, but also cities such as Shandong and Zhejiang.


What are the advantages of the reconstructed traditional LED street lamp?

1. Save a lot of electricity costs. Statistic result table of electricity cost data such as traditional street lamps and LED energy saving.

for instace: Take the example of a city with 10,000 street lights. Turn on the lights 11 hours per day on average. The electricity fee is 0.86 RMB/kWh.


Traditional lamp power consumption

First energy saving

Secondary energy saving

Comprehensive energy saving

250W HPS

100W Traditional LED

Long-join Smart LED

Annual power consumption (kWh)





Annual electricity feeRMB





Annual electricity savingsRMB





Energy saving rate





NoteThe second energy-saving power 70W is dynamic power, that is, the light intensity is gradually selected according to the environmental changes at different time periods.

saving energy light compresive

2.  Develop-able Connected Application Platform

Long Join intelligently controls the street light system and can connect multiple different application platforms. Such as intelligent transportation, urban wireless network security, charging piles, drone positioning, Internet of Vehicles, outdoor advertising, environmental detection, hot-spot coverage and multimedia central control system.


3. Standard Interface

The transformation of ordinary street light projects, the application of the socket interface conforms to the international standard ANSI C136.41-2013, applicable to multiple different intelligent controllers, and reduces the iteration cost of replacing the digital control DALI protocol dimming light controller in the later period. At the same time, it can quickly connect the lamp equipment provided by different street lamp manufacturers, reducing the installation cost of street lamps.

smart intelligent

JL-245C  JL-246CG  JL-260C

4. Adopt the internationally accepted 2.4GHz Zigbee wireless communication technology

The wireless type zigbee intelligent light controller can work in 3 frequency bands such as 2.4GHz, 868MHz and 915MHz. The maximum transmission rate: 250Kbps, which can meet the requirements of other countries with low network speed. In addition, the use of advanced encryption standard AES-128 can prevent others from maliciously stealing data and enhance data transmission security.

5.  wireless intelligent light control with Three major performance

Constant illumination, keep the brightness of the lamp irradiated to the ground fixed at a constant value, effectively improve the sensory experience of illumination.

intelligent controller

Mid-night dimming is divided into local mode and remote control mode to control the lighting time and proportion. In local mode, the Lux value can be collected in the last 10 days at night, and the brightness reduction ratio can be automatically controlled. And the remote control mode can be set according to personal customization, at what time of midnight to light up, and at what time of dawn up.

Midnight compensation, the built-in light attenuation compensation program of the light controller can automatically compensate according to the light attenuation rate of conventional LEDs, and the compensation rate can be adjusted remotely for different lamps to effectively ensure a stable and safe illumination and effectively extend the use of LED lamps life.

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  • Post time: Apr-22-2020