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OEM / ODM Photocell Shorting Cap JL-208

Short Description:

1. Product Model: JL-208
2. Rated Voltage: 0-480VAC
3. Surge Protection: JL-208-15; JL-208-23
4. IP Rating: IP65,IP54
5. Compliant Standard: CE, ROHS, UL

Product Description

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1. Intend to short a twist-lock photocell receptacle while under maintain.
2. Easy-to-maintain Twist-lock(ANSI C136.10).
3. IP54/IP66 protection while installed.
4. Surge Protection Available (JL-208 Only).
5. UV stabilized Polycarbonate Enclosure.
6. UV stabilized Polybutylene Base.

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  • Product Model



    Black, Clear, Customized

    Rated Load

    7200W Tungsten ;7200VA Ballast

    Surge Protection

    235J / 5000A(JL-208-15) ;460J / 10000A(JL-208-23)

    IP Grade



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