Zhaga Book18 4 PIN Connector and Zhaga Base Kits

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1. Product Model : JL-700&JL-701J

2. Rated Voltage : 12-30V

3. Material: PBT and Add UV Stabilizer

4. Zhaga Receptacle and a Base with Dome Kits available to Reach IP66

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The ZHAGA series products, including JL-700 receptacle and accessories, to offer a ZHAGA Book 18 regulated interface for easier way t o develop standard devices used for roadway lighting , area lighting, or occupancy lighting, etc.

These devices can be offered in DALI 2.0 protocol (Pin 2-3) or 0-10V dimming (per request) features, based on fixture arrangement.



1. Standardized interface defined in Zhaga Book 18

2. Compact size allowing greater fexibility in luminaire design

3. Advanced sealing to achieve IP66 with no mounting screws

4. Scalable solution allows use of Ø40mm photocell and a Ø80mm central management system with the same connection interface

5. Flexible mounting position, upwards, downwards and sideways facing

6. Integrated single gasket that seals to both luminaire and module that minimizes assembly time

7. zhaga receptacle and a base with dome kits available to reach IP66

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  • JL-700 Zhaga receptacle

    Product Model JL-700
    Height above luminaire 10mm
    Wires AWM1015, 20AWG, 6″(120mm)
    IP Grade IP66
    Receptacle Diameter Ø30mm
    Gasket Diameter Ø36.5mm
    Thread length 18.5mm
    Contacts rating 1.5A, 30V (24V typical)
    Surge test Meets 10kV common mode surge test
    Capable Hot pluggable capable
    Contacts 4 pole contacts
    Port 1 (Brown) 24Vdc
    Port 2 (Gray) DALI (or DALI based protocol) –/common ground
    Port 3 (Blue) DALI (or DALI based protocol) +
    Port 4 (Black) General I/O

    JL-701J zhaga base

    Product Model JL-701J base
    Zhaga Material PBT
    Diameter 43.5mm customer request
    Height 14.9 mm customer request
    Other Sizes JL-731J JL-741JJL-742JJL-711J
    Certificated EU Zhaga, CE

    701J-005fitting material