Option Custom 103 Series Mini Button Photocontrol and High Loading Consumption 1800W

Short Description:

1. Product Model: JL-103AG
2. Rated Voltage: 120 VAC
3. On / OFF Lux Level: 10-20 Lx on; 30-60 Lx off
4. IP Rating: IP54
5. Optional Accessories: Aluminium Plate
6. Compliant Standard: CE, ROHS, UL

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The photoelectric switch JL-103Series is applicable to control the street lighting, garden lighting, passage lighting and barn lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient natural lighting level.

1. Convenient and easy to install.
2. Standard Accessories: aluminum wall plated, waterproof  cap(Optional )
3. Wire gauge Classifications:
1) standard wire: 105℃.
2) High temperature wire : 150℃.

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  • Mode JL-103AG JL-103B JL-103C JL-103D JL-103*
    Rated Voltage 120VAC 220-240VAC 208-277VAC  277VAC 347VAC
    Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
    Lead Wire 4’’
    Road Loading AWG#16AWM1332 AWG#18AWM1332 AWG#16AWM1332 AWG#16AWM1332 AWG#18AWM1332 AWG#18AWM1332 AWG#16AWM1332
    1800W1100VA 500W850VA 1800W1800VA 1500W1500VA 500W850VA 2000W2000VA 2000W2000VA
    Power consumption 1.2W Max
    Operate Level 10-20Lx turn on, 30-60 turn off
    Ambient temperature -40~70℃