IP65 Waterproof Twist Lock Photocell Photocontrol Switch JL-203C

Short Description:

1. Product Model: JL-203C
2. Rated Voltage: 110-277 VAC
3. On / OFF Lux Level: 10 Lx on; 60 Lx off
4. Max loading capable:1800W
5. IP Rating: IP54, IP65
6. Compliant Standard: CE, ROHS, UL

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The photocontroller JL-203 series is applicable to control the street lighting, garden lighting, passage lighting and doorway lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient natural lighting level.

1. ANSI C136.10-1996 Twist Lock.
2. Surge Arrester Built-In.
3. Fail-On Mode
4. IP Rating: IP54,IP65
5. Time Delay turn off / turn on
6. Power Consumption: 1.0VA
7. Preset test: time delay of 5-20 seconds offers abnormal or normal flashing feature to give your judgement.

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  • Product Model


    Rated Voltage


    Applicable Voltage Range


    Rated Frequency


    Rated Loading

    1000W Tungsten, 1800VA Ballast (available max loading 1800w )

    Power Consumption


    On/Off Level

    10Lx On/15-20s ;60Lx Off/2-15s

    Ambient Temp.

    -40℃ ~ +70℃

    Related Humidity


    Overall Size

    84(Dia.) x 66mm

    Weight Approx.

    85 grs

    *MOV Number

    12=110 Jole/3500Amp;

    15=235 Jole/5000Amp;