OEM / ODM Custom 20mm Height Zhaga Cover

Short Description:

1. Product Model: JL-701J-Cover

2. Base Diameter:49.4mm

Cover height:20mm

3. Certificate: EU zhaga, CE

4. Compliant Standard: zhaga book18

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1.Standardized interface Zhaga Book 18
2.Mounted on above 10mm luminaire zhaga receptacle
3. Zhaga receptacle and a base with dome kits available to reach IP66

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  • Product Model JL-701J-cover
    Material PC
    Zhag Base Diameter 49.4mm customer request
    Accessories Dome Height 20mm customer request
    Other Sizes JL-731J-cover ,JL-741J-cover,JL-742J-cover,JL-711J-cover
    Certificated EU Zhaga, CE

    YS701J-09fitting material