ANSI C136.41/NEMA 7 PIN Surge Protection Devices, Fast Plugin Surge Module from LONG-JOIN Brand

Short Description:

1. Max Surge Protective Current:5KA, 10KA
2. 5kA or 10kA In Nominal Discharge Current
4. Rated Working Voltage:120-277VAC
5. 7 PIN Receptacle with Center Ground Hole Design (optional)
6. High strength PC material
7. This SPD type product is a defined voltage clamping (voltage limiter) interface module
8. Built-in temperature fuse, over-temperature protection
9. Certificate: ANSI C136.41, UL773, RoHS,CE,CE,UKCA

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Why do we develop a surge protection module?  this JL-250F receptacle with a Surge protective device, then it is ideal for city traffic systems, municipalities, and Utilities and prevents overload voltage or overload current at sudden lightning issues or power-related problems of evil environments. additionally, you can any time to replace the light photo control, especially on the street lights, which are needed for maintenance the whole year. The product has built-in surge differential mode + surge common mode protection, which greatly improves the working ability of the light controller in a complex electromagnetic interference environment.

1-merely opeating voltage, SPD module work voltage parameter changaable;
2-this spd module is located in differnet position. this module above NEAM base, and below light controller with 120-277VAC;
3-contrast competitor similar surge protetion module, our SPD module design structure prospects combine Human mechanical handshake design, more convenient rotation, and its inner space build setting safe and reliable central ground current hole design to assure light controller better safely steady work avoid direct damage effective from light fixture external strict weather condition.
4-fast plug-in surge module any time.

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  • Item JL-250F15D(onff sale) JL-250F21DL(onff sale)
    rated operating voltage 120-277VAC
    Max operating volatge 320VAC
    Rated operating frequency 50/60Hz
    Rated surge voltage 10KV 20KV
    Rated surge current 5KA 10KA
    Max surge current 5KA 20KA
    Max energy 300J 450J
    Clamping voltage 1150V 1150V
    Over-temperature protection Y
    Control line-rated load 0-30VDC,1500mA
    Ground Hole Design - -
    Leakage current suppression(GDT) - Y
    L-N surge protection Y
    L-G,N-G surge protection - -
    Lifetime normal Long-life
    Certificate ANSI C136.41-2013、UL 1449、UL 773

    JL-250F SPD module size06

    JL-250F SPD module wiring