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0-10V Dimming and Microwave Motion Control Zhaga Photocell Street Light

Short Description:

1. Product Model: JL-712A

2. Dimming Output:0-10V

3. Certificate:  CE,CB

4. Compliant Standard: zhaga book18

5. Sensor type: optic sensor + microwave motion


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1. Dimming output: 0-10V

2. Sensory type: optic sensor

3. Lower Voltage:  12-24V

4. Lower Power consumpation: 12V/3.5mA, 24V / 3.5 mA

5. Anti-static interference: IEC61000-4-2

6. Delay turn off or Delay turn on time preset (constantly meet on the ambient illuminance requirement )

7. Flammability Level: UL94-V0

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  • Model JL-712A3
    Voltage 12V/45 mA, 24V/30mA
    Power consumption (at daylight) 3.5 mA
    Sensor type Optic sensor & microwave motion
    Dimming output 0-10v, adjustment range 2%, Drive capability: 40 mA
    Spectral Acquisition Range 350~1100nm, Peak wavelength 560nm
    Default turn-on illuminance threshold 50 lx +/-10

    Real-time turn-off illuminance threshold*1

    when the ambient illuminance after turning on the light to 100% brightness each time +40 lx (+/-10)

    up limit: 50+40 lx (+/-10)

    down limit: 6000 lx (+/-100)

    Reflected light compensation upper limit 6000 lx (+/-100)
    initiate state adjustment After power-on, the light will be turned on by default at 100% brightness and maintained for 5 seconds, then the light will be turned off automatically and enter the self-sensing operation mode *
    Light on delay 5s (The light will be turned on only when the ambient illuminance is satisfied for 5S continuously)
    Turn-off delay 20s (Turn off the lights when the ambient illuminance is satisfied for 20S continuously)
    Fixture illumination brightness change ratio: 0%~20%, 20%~100% 1s
    Fixture illumination brightness change ratio: 100%~20%, X~0% 8s
    100% lighting duration after its motion trigger 30s
    Standby brightness (when the illuminance is satisfied but there is no moving object) 20%
    Maximum hanging height 15 m
    Sensing radius 4-8 m (Under 15m hanging height)
    Sensing angle 92 degrees
    Flammability Level UL94-V0

    Anti-static interference(ESD)


    Contact discharge:±8kV,CLASSA

    Air discharge:±15kV,CLASS A

    Mechanical Vibration IEC61000-3-2
    Operating Temperature -40°C~55°C
    Operating Humidity 5%RH~99%RH
    Life >=80000h
    IP rating IP66
    extra protection mode built anti-trigger motion protection
    Certificate CE, CB, zhaga book 18


    4 pin prongs






    +(power input)



    -(power input)



    Signal output



    Signal output

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