JL-711A Midnight Dimming and 0-10V Diming Zhaga Controller Factory Price

Short Description:

1. Product Model: JL-711A

2. Dimming Output: 0-10V

3. Certificate:  CE, CB

4. Compliant Standard: zhaga book18

5. Sensor type: optic sensor

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1. Product Model: JL-711A

2. Low Voltage: 12-24 VDC, 10 mA

3. Average(Power Consumption): 12V/5 mA; 24V/6 mA

4. Compliant Standard interfaces: zhaga book18

5. Sensor type: phototransistor

6. Fixture lighting reflected light compensation design

7. Support Dimming Output: 0-10V

8. high strength waterproof isolate design

9. Zhaga Receptacle and a Base with Dome Kits available to Reach IP66

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  • Model JL-711A1/JL-JL-711A2
    Voltage 12-24VDC, 10mA
    Power consumption 12V 5mA, 24V 6mA
    Dimming output 0-10v, adjustment range 2%, Drive capability: 20 mA
    Spectral Acquisition Range 350~1100nm, Peak wavelength 560nm
    Default turn-on illuminance threshold 50 lx +/-10
    Real-time turn-off illuminance threshold when the ambient illuminance after turning on the light to 100% brightness each time +40 lx(+/-10)up limit: 50+40 lx (+/-10)down limit: 6000 lx (+/-100)
    Reflected light compensation upper limit 6000 lx (+/-100)
    start state After power-on, the light will be turned on by default at 100% brightness and maintained for 5 seconds, then the light will be turned off automatically and enter the self-sensing operation mode *1
    Light on delay 5s (The light will be turned on only when the ambient illuminance is satisfied for 5S continuously)
    Turn-off delay 20s (Turn off the lights when the ambient illuminance is satisfied for 20S continuously)
    Constantly Dimming brightness duration 0~100% or 100~0% 8s
    Midnight dimming*2 only JL-711A2
    Flammability Level UL94-V0
    Anti-static interference(ESD) IEC61000-4-2Contact discharge:±8kV,CLASSAAir discharge:±15kV,CLASS A
    Mechanical Vibration IEC61000-3-2
    Operating Temperature -40°C~55°C
    Operating Humidity 5%RH~99%RH
    Life >=80000h
    IP rating IP66
    Certificate CE, CB,zhaga

    *1: Part of the old version of the distribution program is to turn off the light by default after power-on and maintain 5S, and then enter the self-sensing operation mode.

    *2: midnight dimming, The center point of the average night length in the first 10 days (the program default automatic take night length base is 10 hours on the first day). Brightness reduction ratio: 50% ,Brightness reduction duration: 40% ,If the total night length is less than 10 days, the actual number of days is calculated.


    JL-711A Zhaga Sensor Schematic Diagram

      Diagram of LED Fixture Brightness and Ambient illuminance Curve

    JL-711A curve

     Midnight Reduce Brightness Schematic Diagram


    JL-711A zhaga4 pin prongs





    12-24 VDC

    power input


    GND / DIM-

    power input





    DIM+(0V / (0-10V+)

    Signal output