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12V, 24V Micro PIR Motion Sensor Switch Module with Dial Subtitle Adjustment Delay-off Control LED Strip Light Lamp

Short Description:

1. Product Model: PIR-8
2. Rated Voltage: 12-24V
3. Output current: 6 AMPs
4. Induction angle:60 degree
5. Induction distance: 8m

Product Description

Product Description

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This Micro PIR Sensor automatically powers on connected 12 VDC or 24 VDC LED lights when human motion is detected. The sensors will power on lights at night or during the day,  and an adjustable dial allows your lights to remain on for 1, 3, 5, 8, or 10 seconds (1 unit=5s, also adjustment range 5-50s, so according to your request customize.) or this within set range 5-50s delay turn off. Motion detection range is within 8 meters (26′) of the PIR sensor, and that has 6-Amp maximum load and operates within a 12-24 VDC range.

1. Convenient and easy to install.
2. input connection type: Screw terminal.
3. Turn off-work theory: Light shuts off automatically after no motion is detected for the manually set time (5 to 50s, available to customize ).
4. Application area: Incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, fluorescent lamp and other kinds of loads.

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  • Product Model


    Rated Voltage


    Rated Frequency

    50 /60Hz

    Road Loading

    12V 100W, 24V 200W

    Rated Current

    6 A max

    Delay off range(s)

    5~50s (available your request design)

    Induction angle

    60 degree ,60° from center of sensor

    Induction distance

     8 m

    Operating Temp


    Wiring way

    Use 4 screws to mount switch to the surface

     1. PIR Motion Sensor with 4 wire terminal label

    pir motion sensor03

    2. How to connect PIR Motion Sensor control LED light panel

    1, 2-12, 24V  Output connect terminals(-, +)

    3, 4-12, 24V  Input connect terminals(+, -)


    1-connect to Fixture light device (+)

    2-connect to fixture light device (-)

    3-connect to 12V/24V with Power (+)

    4-connect to 12V/24V with Power(-)


    pir motion sensor05

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