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ANSIC 136.41 5 PIN Photocell Receptacle JL-240XB

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1. Product Model: JL-240XB
2. Rated Voltage: 0-480VAC
3. Material: PBT and Add UV Stabilizer
4. Leads Gauge: #14, #16
5. Compliant Standard: ANSI C136.41, CE, ROHS, UL

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All the JL-240 series photocontrol receptacles were designed for the lanterns those intended to have an ANSI C136.10-2006 receptacle to fit a twist-lock photocontrol. This series conform newly published ANSI C136.41-2013 to allow a LED lamp multi-controlled through the receptacle.

1. JL-240XB offers 2 gold-plated low voltage pads on the top surface to fit photocontrol has ANSI C136.41 conforming spring contacts, and offers male quick connectors at rear back for signal connection.
2. 360 degree rotation limiting feature to conform ANSI C136.10 requirements.
3. Both JL-240X and JL-240Y have been recognized, and JL-200Z14 has been listed by UL to applicable US and Canadian safety standards, under their file E188110, Vol.1 & Vol.2.

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  • Product Model JL-240XB
    Applicable Volt Range 0~480VAC
    Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
    Power Loading AWG#14: 15Amp max. / AWG#16: 10Amp max.
    Optional Signal Loading AWG#18: 30VDC, 0.25Amp max
    Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
    Overall Dimensions (mm) 65Dia.x 40 65Dia.x 67
    Rear Cover R option
    Leads 6″ Min. (See Ordering Information)


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