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Exterior Light Luminaires Rotate Twist Lock 3 PIN Photocell Receptacle JL-230

Short Description:

1. Product Model: JL-230
2. Rated Voltage: 0-480VAC
3. Material Socket: Phenolic Socket
4. Wire Gauge: #14, #16
5. Compliant Standard: CE, ROHS, UL

Product Description

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1. All the JL-230 series receptacles are intended to be pre-install onto those lanterns designed to fit an ANSI C136.10-1996 twist-lock photocell sensor.
2. Both JL-230-16 and JL-230-14 have been recognized by UL to applicable US and Canadian safety standards, under their file E188110, Vol.2.

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  • Product Model JL-230X
    Rated Voltage 0-480VAC Max.
    Loading Capacity 15Amp Max.
    Ambient Temperature  -40℃ ~ +70℃
    Holding Cover Polycarbonate
    Receptacle Phenolic (Bakelite)
    Contact Brass / Phosphor Bronze
    Gasket Silicon Rubber
    Overall Dimensions (mm) 65mm (Dia.) x 30mm (H)
    Leads gauge AWG#16(JL-230-16);AWG#14(JL-230-14)

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