Outdoor Stem Mounted Photocontrol Switch JL-106A 120VAC

Short Description:

Product Model : JL-106A

2. On / OFF Lux Level: 10-20Lx,30-60Lx

3. IP Rating : IP54

5. Compliant Standard: CE,ROHS,UL

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The photoelectric switch JL-106 and JL-116 Series is applicable to control the street lighting, passage lighting and doorway lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level.


1. Work principle: bimetal thermal Structure, with over height temperature feature.

2. 30 seconds Time Delay.

3. Avoid sudden accidents (spotlight or lightning) affecting normal lighting at night.


Optional available Accessories.

1) add swivel head;

2) customized Leads length in inch.

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  • Product Model JL-106A JL-116B
    Rated Voltage 100-120VAC 200-240VAC
    Rated Frequency


    Rated Loading

    2000W Tungsten, 2000VA Ballast

    Power consumption 1.5 VA
    Operate Level

    10-20Lx On 30-60Lx Off

    Ambient Temperature

    -30℃ ~ +70℃

    Leads Length 150mm or Customer request (AWG#18)
    Sensor Type LDR Sensor Switch